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Inside The Singing Voice - Vocal Technique Unpacked
What really goes on inside your singing voice

Inside The Singing Voice - Vocal Technique Unpacked

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INSIDE THE SINGING VOICE: Vocal Technique Unpacked

Inside the Singing Voice is our brand new vocal technique Retreat on
the real "how-to" of singing

This three-day intensive is packed with information, techniques and hot tips for singing in different genres.

"At last someone has understood the sounds I am making and can help me move forward from here" Christine, choral leader, UK

"Before I was basing my singing on feelings and sensations. Now I KNOW what I'm doing, how to improve it" Maria T, actor singer, Spain

"True breakthrough moments. When the singing techniques were put into practice, the vocal quality shifted before our eyes and ears" Lisa Wilson, Past President VASTA, USA

Here are some of the singing topics and vocal techniques you will learn on the Retreat:

1. Discover the secrets of breathing in singing: how and when you breathe in, and what to do with it once you've got it
Abs, ribs, controlling the outbreath and 'support'
How your vocal folds work: making contact, resisting breath, creating sound
Deconstriction (allowing breath in and not 'throat controlling')

2. Discover how to make and control volume in singing
Breath and vocal folds: flow and levels of resistance, subglottal pressure
The cut and thrust of singing: Twang or your personal sound booster
Get your back into it: Finding the voice body connection for support

3. Range - finding it and controlling it
Pitching - how is pitch made and what your vocal folds need to do
Finding your full range, your working range and your comfort zone
Gear changes: Hide, disguise or feature?

4. Resonance - how to find it, how to change it for different sound qualities
Nasal or not? Identifying nasality and dealing with it
'Correct' vowels and why they might change with different music styles
Knowing where your tongue goes and how it can shape the sound

5. Putting it together!
Why context is EVERYTHING
What's YOUR style? The vocal demands of your particular music
Singing words - some problems and solutions

All of the above include targeted exercises to discover how your voice works and what it is capable of.

"I can honestly say that I have never had a learning experience that was so useful yet so enjoyable at the same time. Your 'can do' approach and focussed encouragement made the atmosphere so unthreatening, and as a result everyone was relaxed and willing to try things out with some astonishing results - it was just voice heaven!"

We'll be running this Retreat again on May 11-13 2018. 

A bit about us

Vocal Process is owned and run by internationally renowned vocal and performance trainers Dr Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher. In case you don't know, we work in many different music genres. We're not biased towards one musical or vocal style. We give you the tools to choose how YOU want to sound. If it's healthy, it's good. We have high-level experience in the field, working with professional performers AND their teachers. We train the trainers, and that speaks for itself!

We've written books on singing and performance, started the groundbreaking professional development Webinar series, created numerous Voice Training DVDs, been guest speakers at voice conferences and seminars around the world, and been invited to contribute two entire chapters for the new Oxford Handbook of Singing, on vocal physiology and teaching singing in different genres.

We've been team-teaching for almost 20 years, and bring two contrasting but complementary disciplines to our work. You will be getting a practical, holistic and matching overview of the way the body and voice works, from recognised leaders and authors in the field. Check out our backgrounds here:

More about the Retreat

In 2018 we're running the NEW Inside the Singing Voice weekend as a retreat in our home in Presteigne on the Welsh borders. You arrive on Friday lunchtime and leave on Sunday afternoon. We want you to have the best possible experience of this intensive work, so currently we only accept 9 people on this weekend.

New dates May 11-13 2018.

Our tranquil garden has a river running through it, and our quiet house gives exactly the right atmosphere for concentrated learning and relaxation. Our food comes from three prize-winning local providers - Deli Tinto (voted best Deli in Wales), Alex Gooch (Baker of the Year 2015), and Scrummy Bites (Ludlow Food Festival winner) - and the local organic farm.

Our Retreats normally sell out fast. The first Inside the Singing Voice: Vocal Technique Unpacked weekend sold out within hours of mentioning it on Facebook 
and Twitter. 
Book your place straight away, before it's too late...

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